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Arbidol Facts / Questions and Answers:
(based on published clinical trials and current news reports)

Question: If Arbidol so great why haven't I heard of it before now?

Answer: Good question. Irina Leneva of the State Research Center for Diagnostics and Prevention of Human and Animal Diseases pointed to a combination of big pharmaceutical companies and the US bureaucratized system for qualifying drugs. One company, Searle, planned to introduce Arbidol to the US in 1992. The rumor in the industry said that they estimated 1 billion dollars to introduce Arbidol to the market and then the US Patent office refused their patent. It is difficult to justify the cost for a market that was not performing as predicted. After several years Tamiflu sales were only doing well in Japan.

Question: Is Arbidol as good as Tamiflu?

Answer: Yes. But don't take our word for it. Read the latest published scientific study comparing the antiviral drugs HERE.

Question: Who is credited with inventing Arbidol?

Answer: Robert Nikolaevich Glushkov. Here is a short: biography. Some of the history of the project that ended up developing Arbidol is told in an interview titled: Influenza -- insidious and baffling You can also see the year it was invented, 1973, in this Way to Discovery article about the inventor.

Question: Can you give me a list of the key reasons I should consider this drug?

Answer: Yes here are few based on the published clinical trials:

  • 1. It Works
  • 2. Quantity Production is Possible
  • 3. It is Safe
  • 4. It is Inexpensive less than $10 per daily preventative dose
  • 5. Prophylactic or Treatment Use
  • 6. Resists Flu Mutation (5 plus generations)
  • 7. Complementary Use with Other Antivirals
  • 8. No Reported Negative Interactions with Other Drugs
  • 9. Long Term Use Possible
  • 10. Boosts the Effectiveness of the Flu Vaccine

    Arbidol could be the key to limiting the impact of a Flu Pandemic.

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