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Arbidol is an antiviral that works as a RNA synthesis inhibitor or antiviral agent for the prophylaxis and treatment of Influenza A and B, SARS, Hepatitis B and C, Herpies, Dengue Fever, and RSV. Arbidol limits the viruses ability to replicate ruducing the duration and severity of the viral infection. Arbidol works on all forms of flu including pandemic Swine (H1N1) and Avian (H5N1) flu.

The reference section of this website gives you access to the studies which we believe back the statements found on this web site. Arbidol has been designed to help prevent and to treat specific viral infections.

Studys with evidence that:

Arbidol works as well as Tamiflu and Amantadine with fewer side effects.

Arbidol works on multiple RNA strains of influenza.

The combined therapy of arbidol with the flu vaccine is promising.

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Statements, claims, and comments on this web site related to Aribidol are derived from published studies regarding the drug, and are merely the interpretations and summaries by of its understanding of those studies. The reader is encouraged to review the studies themselves and to form their own interpretation.

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