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Published studies show Arbidol works. Here are some excerpts with links to their source:

'Arbidol is just as good as adamantine drugs, neuraminidase inhibitors, ribavirin and ribamidil in its inhibiting effect on influenza virus A and B.' Institute of Bio-organic Chemistry

'Our results suggest that arbidol has the ability to elicit protective broad-spectrum antiviral activity, against a number of human pathogenic respiratory viruses.' Institute of Medical Virology

'The commercial drugs rimantadine, amantadine, ribavirin and arbidol are effective in suppressing in in vitro reproduction of highly pathogenic avian influenza A/H5N1 viruses.' The efficacy of antiviral preparations in vitro

'The molecular-biological action which distinguishes Arbidol from other drugs is its ability to inhibit viral reproduction in the early stages; the drug acts by changing the regulation of cell metabolism.' Chemical- Pharmaceutical Scientific Research Institute

'ARB(Arbidol) inhibited infectious JFH-1 virus production up to a 1000-fold when given to cells 48 hours prior to infection' Departments of Laboratory Medicine, Microbiology and Pathobiology, University of Washington, Seattle, USA.

According to these and many other studies, Arbidol can be used to help prevent and treat a number of viral infections including: influenza (FLU), SARS, hepatitus B and C, Herpes, Hanta, RSV, ADV, and viral pneumonia. More Published Clinical Studies here:

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Statements, claims, and comments on this web site related to Aribidol are derived from published studies regarding the drug, and are merely the interpretations and summaries by of its understanding of those studies. The reader is encouraged to review the studies themselves and to form their own interpretation.

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