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Vestn Ross Akad Med Nauk. 1999;(3):36-40. - Full text not available at this time

Mechanisms of arbidole's immunomodulating action

Glushkov RG, Gus'kova TA, Krylova LIu, Nikolaeva IS.

The immunomodulating activity of arbidole was studied in cultured cells, animals, and human beings. Arbidole was shown to have effects on nonspecific defense factors, on its capacity to induce interferon and activate phagocytes in particular. Arbidole-treated patients with lower baseline immunity showed improvement in immunological parameters (in the counts of CD4 and CD8 lymphocytes, B lymphocytes, in the levels of serum immunoglobulins). Arbidol produces a high preventive and therapeutical effects in influenza A and B and other acute respiratory viral infections, prevents postinfluenza complications, reduces the incidence of exacerbations of chronic diseases in postinfluenza patients. In influenza, the therapeutical efficiency of the drug appears as decreases in intoxication, the severity of catarrhal syndrome, shorter fever and disease in general. Arbidole is beneficial for patients with second immunodeficiency, in those with recurrent herpes infection or chronic bronchitis. After arbidole treatment regimen, postoperative immunological parameters became normal in cardiac surgical patients, which suggests that the drug should be used in cardiac surgical care. The agent showed no side effects in any case.

PMID: 10222830 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

Moscow urban protivogerpeticheskiy center Babblefish translation .html

General increase in the morbidity by genital herpes

D.m.n. T.B. Of semenova, k.m.n. V.B. Stoyanov

The uncontrollable general increase in the morbidity by genital herpes (GG) places the problem of gerpesvirusnoy infection (GI) in one row with the most urgent socially significant problems of public health. Morbidity GG in the countries of West Europe exceeds 80 cases to 100 thousand populations. At present, according to the data OF B Halioua et al. (1999), in the world are counted 86 mln. people, infected with the viruses of 2 types herpes simplex (VPG-.II), traditionally associating with GG, although it is proven that GG can be caused by 1 types VPG. The data analysis of official statistics carry ouied by us showed that the morbidity GG in Russia in 1993 1999 yr. grew from 8.5 before 16.3 cases to 100 thousand populations, and in Moscow from 11.0 to 74.8. Bulk of patients in Russia is turned to the doctors independently: 70-94% of registered patients...

...The antiviral activity of the inductor IFN Of arbidola is caused by its immunomodulating and antioxidant properties. Arbidol can be included in complex treatment RGG (on 0.2 g of 2 times in the day during the food during 1014 days) and used between the courses of vaccinotherapy for the preventive maintenance of the relapses of herpes (0.2 g of 1 times in the day during the food during 23 weeks).

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