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Bulletin of Experimental Biology and Medicine Volume 118, Number 1 / July, - Full text not available at this time

Antimetastatic effects of arbidol, a new antiviral drug

E. O. Fedorovskaya1, N. G. Tsyshkova1, A. M. Poverennyi1 and A. F. Tsyb1

Department of Radiation Biochemistry, Medical Radiology Research Center, Obninsk

Abstract Arbidol, a new antiviral drug, is found to suppress metastases of Lewis' pulmonary carcinoma for various methods of transplantation. The effects of arbidol are compatible with those of the standard interferon inductor poly-I-poly-C.

Byulleten' Eksperimental'noi Biologii i Meditsiny, Vol. 118, N o 7, pp. 8081, July, 1994

Pre 1990 animal and human tests with Arbidol Summary of studies (PDF)

Pre 1990 animal and human tests with Arbidol.

Multiple research teams

The effects of Arbidol as an immunopotentiator on the development of a transferred tumor, and on thermal skin lesions were studied. The effect of Arbidol on the development of sarcoma-45 (Rous sarcoma) grafted subcutaneously to the right leg of adult female mice of the Vistar breed was studied. Arbidol was administered peritoneally as a suspension in a 1% starch solution in the dose of 125 mg/kg every day during 5 days two weeks after grafting the tumor. Control animals were given only a starch solution. The dynamic development of the tumor was monitored by intravital measurements of its mass. During a 12 month period of observation the inhibition of the development of tumor was found in the group (10 animals) which were given Arbidol. Thus Arbidol has the inhibitory effect on the development of a massive tumor induced by grafting, probably, via the activation of immunological reactivity.

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