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Zakrytoe Aktsionernoe Obshchestvo "Masterlek" (RU) Russian patent .pdf)


Glushkov R.G., Maksimov V.A., Martíjanov V.A., Khamitov R.A., Shuster A.M.

SUBSTANCE: invention proposes an agent for treatment and prophylaxis of infection caused by coronaviruses, in particular, for treatment of atypical pneumonia (SARS), and pharmaceutical composition of indicated designation based on thereof. Agent represents 1-methyl-2-phenylthiomethyl-3-carbethoxy
-4-dimethylaminomethyl-5-oxybromoindole or 1-methyl-
5-oxybromoindole monohydrate hydrochloride (arbidol) known early as an immunomodulator and preparation used against influenza viruses. Invention provides reducing accumulation of coronaviruses (on example with TOPS virus) in lung.

EFFECT: valuable medicinal properties of agent.

VIROLOGICA SINICA Vol.20 No.2 April 2005 - Full text not available at this time

Inhibitory Effect of Arbidol Hydrochloride on Coxsackievirus B3 Group in vitro

XIONG Hai-rong, YANG Zhan-qiu, LIU Yin-juan, et al

Arbidol hydrochloride Coxsackievirus group B3 Antiviral effect

Abstract: To study the antiviral activity of Arbidol hydrochloride on Coxsackievirus Group B_3 (CVB_3), the antiviral effect of Arbidol hydrochloride were evaluated with virus inhibitory rates by MTT assay and 50% tissue culture infection dose (TCID_(50)) of the supernatant. The results showed that the viral inhibitory rates were up to 75.48%,45.68%,28.90% and 48.27% respectively in interrupting viral biosynthesis group, directly killing virus group, interfering in viral absorption and penetration groups(2h and 8h). In interrupting viral biosynthesis group,Arbidol hydrochloride could significantly inhibit cytopathic effect (CPE) of CVB_3-infected HEp-2 cells, increase survival rates of CVB_3-infected cells in dose dependent manner and decrease viral titers of the supernatant. It indicates that Arbidol hydrochloride has antiviral effect against Coxsackievirus group B3 (CVB_3).

Original Chinese Document .pdf

17th of September, Ufa, "Bashinform", Elena Makuschina - Full text not available at this time

Russian preparation "Arbidol" proved effective against SARS.

Elena Makuschina

Tests of effectiveness of Russian preparation "Arbidol" with respect to pathogen of SARS have been finished, "MEDNOVOSTI" reports. This preparation was created by joint efforts of Russian chemical-pharmaceutical institute, institute of medical radiology of Russian Academy of medical sciences in Obninsk and Leningrad institute of epidemiology and microbiology of Paster. "Arbidol" is successfully used for treatment and prophylactics of flue and acute respiratory diseases for already several years. Virology Center of scientific-investigational institute of microbiology of RF has conducted investigations of effectiveness of "Arbidol" with respect to pathogen of SARS.
For evaluation of effectiveness of this preparation they used hamsters from Syria, infected by SARS. When using "Arbidol" in a definite doze reproduction of the virus was suppressed by 99,2% already for the second day after infecting and practically completely for the 10th day.
Tests of "Arbidol" were also organized in the laboratory of World Center of World Health Organization in London. Specialists say anti-virus action of "Arbidol" was proved according to severest international rules. It was also proved this preparation was active against the virus of bird flue.

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